White Papers

2.2017: Design Matters - The Influence of DC Plan Design on Retirement Outcomes (pdf)

2.2017: A Financial Wellness Primer – Why Financial Wellness? (news release)

10.2016: Building a Common Language to Promote Adoption of Auto Features in DC Plans (pdf)

7.2016: Automatic Plan Features in Defined Contribution Plans: What’s in it for Plan Sponsors? (pdf)

12.2014: Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contracts - Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

2.2014: DCIIA Guide To U.S. Department Of Labor Tips On Selecting Target Date Funds (pdf)

12.2013: Rethinking Defined Contribution Communication and Education (pdf)

6.2013: Best Practices When Implementing Auto Features in DC Plans (pdf)

5.2013: Is it Time to Diversify DC Risk with Alternative Investments? (pdf)

4.2013: What's On the Investment Menu? A Recipe for a Better DC Design (pdf)

4.2013: Complex Investments and Navigating the New Participant Disclosure Rules - A Guide for Defined Contribution Plan Sponsors and their Service Providers (pdf)

12.2012: Plan Sponsor Survey 2012: Action Needed to Drive Better Participant Outcomes (pdf)

2.2012: The "To vs. Through" Target Date Debate - Is There a Better Way to Frame the Glide
Path Discussion?

10.2011: Institutionalizing DC Plans - Reasons Why and Methods How (pdf)

8.2011: Plug the Drain: 401(k) Leakage and the Impact on Retirement (pdf)

3.2011: Considerations for Implementing a Custom Target Date Approach: - A Guide for Defined Contribution Plan Sponsors (pdf)

9.2010: Financial Regulation and Consequences on America's Retirement Savings (pdf)