Shining a spotlight on our members is the best way to tell our story. In our inaugural "We Are DCIIA" profile, we feature three of our member volunteer leaders from the consulting industry.

DCIIA Executive Committee Members Chris Lyon, Rocaton; Mikaylee O'Connor, RVK; Bill Ryan, Aon

"As Treasurer of DCIIA, I help protect our member firms’ investment in this organization and ensure that we are sustainable for the long term. I can add the most value — and get most personal satisfaction — helping with the business of DCIIA by serving in this stewardship role.”
Christopher Lyon, Consultant, Head of Defined Contribution, Founder and Partner, Rocaton

"I believe we are doing meaningful work at DCIIA that is pushing the industry forward. What I absolutely love is that individuals — who in their day jobs might be direct competitors — can come together, collaborate, and learn from each other.”
Mikaylee O'Connor, Consultant, Principal, Head of Defined Contribution Solutions, RVK Inc.

"When you have the opportunity to participate in an organization like DCIIA, you feel like you’re having an impact. That feeling inspires you to keep coming back, keep being involved. This is a group with a passion for defined contribution.”
Bill Ryan, Partner, Head of North America QDIA Research & Custom DC Solutions, Aon