DCIIA members are one of our greatest resources and lend their expertise in creating original research and commentary. The results of their efforts include white papers, presentations, case studies, infographics, checklists, articles, research, testimony, and more.

DCIIA makes these resources available for public, non-commercial use, on the condition that proper attribution of the source is included. Please contact us in advance for permission to use the materials in whole or part for broadcast, publication, commercial, or other uses.

Recently Published Resources

DCIIA Fourth Biennial Plan Sponsor Survey

The Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA) is pleased to share the results of its fourth biennial survey of plan sponsors’ use-of and attitudes toward automatic plan features, or “auto features,” including automatic enrollment, automatic escalation and re-enrollment in default investment funds known as Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIAs). December 2017

The Role of Real Estate in Defined Contribution Plans

This presentation includes an overview of real estate as an asset class, how real estate is being used, investment merits and implementation considerations and common operational issues for private real estate. November 2017

A Guide to Commonly Used DC Plan Investment Vehicles

DCIIA produced this presentation to provide a better understanding of the various investment vehicles that are commonly used within DC plans, their benefits and drawbacks, and considerations for deciding which structure to use. October 2017

Multi-Asset, Multi-Manager, and White Label Investment Options

This presentation addresses improving fiduciary process, implementation solutions and plan sponsor considerations and includes two plan sponsor case studies that illustrate successful implementation of multi-manager and multi-asset strategies in defined contribution plans. September 2017

Design Matters: The Influence of DC Plan Design on Retirement Outcomes

This paper serves as a first report of the findings from a broader, ongoing project centered on the 401(k) industry. The mission of the project is to create a framework that provides the data and analysis necessary to inform plan sponsors in the effective design and management of their defined contribution plans, and also to more fully inform conversations between policymakers and industry participants around both how the current system is working and what enhancements will drive better retirement security outcomes. July 2016

A Financial Wellness Primer – Why Financial Wellness?

This DCIIA white paper delves into why employers and providers should consider how financial wellness programs can complement their goals. It outlines the emerging benefits of wellness programs for both the employee and employer, as well as the challenges. July 2017