Retirement Research Center

Retirement Research Center

Informed and actionable retirement research

Warren Cormier
Executive Director

Original Research Focus

The DCIIA Retirement Research Center (RRC), led by industry veteran Warren Cormier, develops original research focused on:

Building Retirement Security

  • Access-to, and adequacy-of, savings
  • Savings behavior and attitudes
  • Communications and employee engagement

Best Practices for Achieving Retirement Security

  • Plan design
  • Automation
  • Investment Strategy
  • Risk management
  • Investment structures

Protecting Retirement Security

  • Policy making
  • Governance
  • Leakage
  • Income security

The DCIIA Retirement Research Center is:

Practical: Our research is grounded in a practical approach focused on actionable insights and is rooted in a deep understanding of the defined contribution system.

Collaborative: Our members' wide-ranging perspectives are a powerful asset as we seek to publish uniquely differentiated retirement research. We also extend our collaboration to partners who are equally committed to positively improving retirement outcomes.

Credible: We adhere to a disciplined research methodology, governance and validation process. Our goal is to serve the industry as a reliable, unbiased, and authoritative research resource.

Product Agnostic: We want to fully benefit from our members’ collective expertise and range of viewpoints, so we do not champion any specific products. Our research bias is improving retirement security—be it through plan design, institutional practices, investment solutions, or behavioral interventions.

Transparent: We maintain transparency by clearly defining any biases that exist, revealing funding resources, adhering to diligent research methodology and evaluation, and delivering clear, comprehensive reporting on the research outcomes.

We are open to research collaborations with external parties, including:
  • Academic researchers
  • Plan sponsors
  • Research organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Financial services organizations
If you have questions about the RRC, please contact Warren Cormier.