DCIIA hosts key programs in support of DCIIA’s mission and core beliefs to expand access to the current retirement savings system and improve retirement outcomes for American workers. These events also provide opportunities for members to network.

The Academic Forum is a unique event that brings together leading academics and innovative plan sponsors and practitioners for a series of panels on how to improve outcomes in defined contribution plans.

The Public Policy Forum brings together industry leaders with policy makers and other thought leaders to discuss ways to improve the retirement security of American workers through the retirement savings system.

The Innovation Forum was previously the "Investment Forum" – based on member feedback the name has changed to the "Innovation Forum" – a new name and new focus on what we think will drive the future of our industry and generate renewed excitement about this annual event.

The Membership Meeting coincides with the Investment Forum and combines our annual business meeting, where we appoint officers and committee leaders, with educational sessions led by plan sponsors and DCIIA members who are leading various projects and initiatives. One DCIIA voting Board Member and one observer are invited to attend from each member firm. We strive for 100% participation so all member organizations have representation at this important event.

The Excellence and Innovation Awards are cosponsored by DCIIA and Pensions & Investments, the international newspaper of money management. The focus on driving successful outcomes has been accelerating in defined contribution plans, and these awards highlight and celebrate the plan sponsors that are leading the charge through their innovation and excellence.

DCIIA Regional Events are local opportunities for networking and information sharing. There are round-table events hosted by DCIIA, which can be found in the DCIIA calendar on the right-hand side of this page, and other events hosted by DCIIA Regional Ambassadors, also listed in the DCIIA calendar. Click here to find and contact your Regional Ambassador for more information.

DCIIA also hosts online events, such as Webinars. This provides an opportunity to stay informed and connected from the comfort of your desk. Some of the live online events require registration, while other prerecorded sessions are open for viewing whenever you choose.