Diversity and Inclusion
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Welcome to DCIIA's online resource library for DCIIA and member thought leadership. If you have resources to contribute in this topic area contact us at digital@dciia.org.

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Member Publications

Getting an Early Start on Building a Diverse Talent Pool
October 2018

OppenheimerFunds shares tips for attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Promoting Gender Diversity in the Investment Industry
September 2018

Callan Executive Chairman Ron Peyton offers his observations on what has worked for gender inclusion at the firm over the last 45 years and what we have learned in the hope that it will inform others on how to progress toward equality in senior roles industry-wide. These lessons apply as well to achieving diversity in all its forms.

Pairing 401(k) Savings Preservation and Expanded Access for America’s Minorities
September 2018

Retirement Clearinghouse notes, "Over the past few years, we’ve written extensively about auto portability -- what it is, how it works and the significant, positive impact it will have on the retirement security of working Americans. Our positions have been supported by research, predictive models (including EBRI’s RSPM) and real-world results from the initial implementation of auto portability. In this article, we address an important retirement public policy question: How would a pairing of auto portability with open multiple employer plans (or “open MEPs”) impact the retirement savings of America’s minorities, and particularly, African-Americans?"

On Gender, Diversity and the 'Library of Mistakes'
December 2017

In this Q&A with Vanguard, Amy Gutmann provides her unique expertise on some key issues facing industry and academia.

Don’t You Know, We’re Talking About an Evolution?
July 2017

This piece from Marquette Associates addresses the availability of strategies managed by diverse firms in the context of DC lineups. By examining the hurdles for diverse managers in the defined contribution space, plan sponsors, consultants, and managers will be able work together to develop practical solutions and improve inclusion.

Inside Employees' Minds: Women and Wealth

Mercer research has reinforced that women have unique financial challenges that employers are not yet adequately addressing. By better understanding these challenges and helping women take charge of their financial health, employers will reap the benefits of a healthier and more engaged female workforce that is not only more productive, but also easier to retain and develop.

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