Mission and Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs

DCIIA’s mission is underpinned by five core beliefs:

  • The primary role of defined contribution retirement plans is to create retirement income adequacy: Helping plan participants build sufficient savings to achieve their goals while working (accumulation) to support their income needs in retirement (distribution).

  • Well-designed default programs can improve retirement outcomes: Automatic enrollment and automatic contribution escalation (of participant contribution levels), when combined with default investment options that take advantage of institutional asset management techniques, help increase savings levels and promote better retirement outcomes.

  • The regulatory framework and industry infrastructure must offer full support for all types of institutional investment approaches and products, giving defined contribution plans access to the complete toolkit of investment, retirement income and advice solutions.

  • Plan sponsors and their consultants should have the ability to select the best combination of partners to meet plan needs, including investment and retirement solutions, record keeper, custodian, managed account, advice and other service providers.

  • Full transparency on pricing and revenue sharing is critical for plan sponsors to evaluate the optimal combination of solutions to deliver improved retirement outcomes for their participants.

To further its mission, DCIIA:

  • Aims to make it simpler for defined contribution plan sponsors to implement appropriate institutional investment management approaches in DC plans focused on delivering higher returns and reduced risks;

  • Provides an independent forum for thought leadership on advancing defined contribution and retirement income design, including institutional default investment strategies and retirement income solutions;

  • Conducts research, publishes analysis and insights and hosts events that support the advancement of institutional approaches and better defined contribution design;

  • Identifies and removes barriers for plan sponsors so that they may pursue improved defined contribution institutional investment structures;

  • Encourages improved fiduciary practices and tools to support institutional defined contribution plan design; and

  • Educates legislators and regulators about issues and challenges in institutional defined contribution plan design and better approaches to retirement security.

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