2018 Investment Forum Opportunities and Challenges Panel Survey
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We are delighted that you will be attending the 2018 DCIIA Investment Forum and Membership Board Meeting. We look forward to it being an engaging and thought-provoking event.

Our last panel of the Investment Forum will look to address current opportunities and challenges in the DC industry (some of which may be identified in prior sessions). We would like to discuss the challenges in a priority order selected by you, the attendees, and see if you have other thoughts around current challenges in the industry.

To that end, we ask you to take a moment and rank the challenges that we have heard from many of you in priority order. If you would like to add thoughts around these challenges or identify other challenges, please do so in the space below.

Please rank the challenges below from 1 to 3, (1= most important) by placing a number in the box beside the challenge.

--Achieving effective diversification in a low return environment

--How to optimize plan participation, contribution rate and participant asset allocation

--Challenges around the fiduciary decision-making process