Retirement Research Center Survey
Over the years, DCIIA has strived to create research that benefits its members and advances public policy discourse about the benefits of defined contribution plans institutional best practices. DCIIA has largely done this through the volunteer efforts of its Retirement Research Board, its members and members at-large. However, DCIIA’s Operating and Executive Committees have reached a conclusion that the organization needs to aspire to do more.

Over the past year DCIIA has been exploring the potential to create a stand-alone retirement policy research center. DCIIA believes it can create the premier research center focused on retirement and the role that defined contribution plans play in facilitating it.

DCIIA will achieve this by focusing on three primary research themes:

A. Building Retirement Security
  • Access to, and adequacy of, savings
  • Savings behavior and attitudes
  • Communications and employee engagement
B. Best Practices for Achieving Retirement Security
  • Plan design
  • Automation
  • Investment strategy
  • Risk management
  • Investment structures
C. Protecting Retirement Security
  • Policy making (e.g., tax reform/incentives)
  • Governance
  • Leakage
  • Income security

DCIIA is considering the creation of a stand-alone Retirement Research Center and is interested in the views of its membership. Please take a few minutes to answer this short 6 question survey.


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