2017 Executive Committee Nomination Process

DCIIA’s Nominating Committee invites you to nominate yourself or someone else for open Executive Committee positions. The openings include both committee leadership positions and at-large positions. Each position carries with it a two-year term that may be extended for an additional two years. The nomination process is open until October 31, 2017.

Being in a leadership position on the DCIIA Executive Committee provides a unique opportunity to be engaged in issues affecting the DC marketplace.

Benefits include:

  • Ability to shape the trajectory of the organization and influence retirement outcomes for DC participants
  • Close collaboration and interaction with other DC industry leaders, regulators and academics
  • Ability to help formulate research initiatives
  • Opportunity to develop, practice and refine leadership skills
  • Access to real-time information and the ability to influence the development and direction of the industry

Commitment includes:

  • Active participation in monthly leadership conference calls, our in-person Forums and events, and our Committees
  • Willingness to help the organization secure resources (e.g., meeting space) in order to fulfill its objectives
  • Provide thought leadership, intellectual capital, creative solutions
  • Direction on specific committee projects and publications

DCIIA leadership consists of representatives from member firms, in proportion to the representation across the membership, who are supported by DCIIA staff. 

Please click here to view our current leadership team.

Please complete the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for a DCIIA leadership role.

We may contact nominees for additional information and will communicate the decisions made through this Nomination process.

If you have questions, please contact Marianne Sullivan.

Thank you for your interest!
The Nominating Committee


If you are nominating yourself, please complete all sections of the form.

If nominating someone else, please complete the Name and Email Address sections and a member of the Nominating Committee will contact them to obtain the remaining information.

Please attach your resume and/or professional bio, along with any further relevant information about your DCIIA current/past Involvement, and your interest in joining DCIIA leadership. Please provide in a PDF format using the file uploader below.